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What exactly do we do?

For educational objectives, we create bespoke mobile app solutions.


E-learning program

We explore numerous unique functionalities to construct a complete educational application based on helping teachers and students have a classroom-style learning experience.


Creating revenue

Our team of app developers, design and develop a mobile application helping you impart assessments, courses, FAQs and interactive sessions in an engaging way helping you enrol more and more learners.


Cutting-edge technology and innovation

All of our developments have been designed with innovation and cutting-edge technology in mind. Our well-designed apps can be upgraded to new technologies maximizing benefits.


LIVE 24*7 Interaction

Our database integration makes an easy access platform for learners, instructors, community and staff interaction easy all around the clock. The instructor and the learner can view course material anytime.


The education obsession as seen through a smartphone app

Smart classrooms, complete with projectors, reflective whiteboards, and other technology, are almost extinct. On the other hand, an instructional mobile app can recreate the dynamic learning experience of the classroom. This is the current trend in the learning community around the world. Using world-class Education-based Mobile Apps, seekers of information or learning lovers can now learn at any time and from anywhere. eLearning is a short or long-term course that has become a delight for those occupied with duties and full-time work. So, why not make use of this opportunity and get a mobile educational application developed? A brief of benefits can be discussed in detail over a call.

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The most advanced technology

Knowledge transfer has had a significant impact on how our educational environment has evolved. Knowledge Transmission has developed educational technologies such as the Social Learning Platform, which strives to provide students and teachers with the most pleasing social learning experience. Students can use any computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet with an internet connection to use this web-based social learning platform. This means mobile applications can be assessed on any device. This social learning platform includes a scoring and tracking function that allows teachers to keep track of their student's progress.


How our app looks like

App for education

Education and e-learning have become powerful business models. Every educational institution is utilizing technology to deliver a more intelligent learning environment. Our technical courage has aided several educational institutions with both traditional and modern education and e-learning solutions. Our e-learning app developers are well-versed in the ins and outs of e-learning solutions. They claim to deliver unrivalled education app development services at affordable pricing.

Before you use the app, you can watch a demo on-demand

We present a virtual simulation of how to use the mobile application. Every client has access to our prototype whenever they want to check out all of the features. You may test all of the promised functionality in our demo app.

Information about the app

Our professional developers created the software, which has been thoroughly tested. The app can handle numerous requests at the same time. For handling those requests, various APIs have been incorporated.

The following is the Information about the Admin Panel

Get All The Data At One Place

You will get a fantastic admin panel to manage all of the data in the background. All of the choices are there and can be accessed with a few mouse clicks.

UserName: admin@admin.com

Password: @@Admin123

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Pre-Integrated 3rd Party APIs

With the smartphone app, you can have a rich educational experience

We feel that education is the only method to educate our society; hence our mobile application development services enhance the learning experience.

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